Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lush Haul Part Two - Bubble Bars & Shower Stuff

If you have seen my blog post from earlier in the week then you will know I went a little bit spend-happy on Lush's Christmas collection, so to try and justify the excessive amount I have brought I have decided to share with you the all of the lovely things that I have picked up! I showed all of the Bubble Bars in my post earlier in the week, so if you missed it you can check it out here, but today I am going to showing everything else I picked up, and there's quite a bit!

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - £2.95

Candy Mountain is a Lush Christmas classic which I had to pick up as I have lusted after it year after year. It has the cult favourite Snow Fairy Scent, which to me smells like a mixture between Bubblegum fizzy bottle and Love Heart sweets, so in other words, like pure sugar - which I love! The idea with the Bubble Bars is that you crumble some (or the whole thing) under water ad it creates beautiful fragrant bubbles in your bath, I mean, who wouldn't love that! 

Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar - £5.95

The Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar is basically the same product as the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar in that they have the same scent and both produce bubbles in the bath with he only difference is that with the Magic Wand is that you get a lot more product and it comes on a stick so you can swish it in your bath, so you can get a ton of uses out of one wand. Magic Wand bubble bar also has a stronger fragrance in comparison to Candy Mountain, which I'm pleased about as hopefully the scent won't disappear as you use it. I also love the concept and design as they are covered in glitter and is like a little fairy wand, I like that Lush have added the little-added touch of the silver ribbon and bell, so it would make a lovey gift for someone.

The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar - £5.95

This is probably my favourie product out of their entire Christmas range as it is definitely the most festive out of them all! It is fragranced with Almond, Sweet Orange oil, and Cinnamon and decorated with Star Anise in the center with cloves around the outside and covered in a ton of gold glitter! I also love that it is on a cinnamon stick instead of the usual plain lolly-like stick as it just makes it all the more festive, not even mentioning the red ribbon and little bell. If this doesn't scream Christmas, I don't know what does! 

Snow Angel Bath Melt - £4.25

This one is something different to all the other items I have picked up or even tried before as it is one of their bath melts. The idea with the Bath Melts is that you pop them into the bath and they melt into the water, so they leave your skin soft and moisturised as they are made with ingredients that are nourishing for the skin. Snow Angel is made with Fairtrade Cocoa Butter and has a gorgeous Marzipan scent which I am a big fan of as I love marzipan. Overall it just has a lovely creamy, sweet scent that will be perfect for a relaxing bath. I also think it will look very pretty when it dissolves in the water as the back of then melt is covered in gold glitter, which I can imagine will look beautiful swirling in the water - although I not sure what my bath will look like after I've used it, but it will be worth it.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel (250g) - £7.95

No Lush haul would be complete without the obligatory bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, so naturally, I had to pick one up. It has the same super sweet fragrance as all the other products in the Snow Fairy range except it has been intensified x100, so when smelling out of the bottle it's pretty pungent, but when you use it in the shower the intensity dulls down quite a bit, so don't let the first sniff put you off! It is quite pricey for a shower gel at £7.95 for your average size bottle, however, a little goes a very long way as only the small amount produces a lot of lather! I will definitely be picking this up again next year when it undoubtedly returns for the festive season as it is simply amazing - it has blue iridescent shimmer in it!  

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner (225g) - £13.95

This product is genius! The concept of this product is that it is a body moisturiser that you use I while you're still in the shower. You basically just wash yourself like normal using a shower gel (The Snow Fairy shower gel is a pretty good shout) and rinse, then take a dollop of the body conditioner, rub it all over your body and then rinse it off. Like the shower gel, I used this product for the first tie yesterday and it is amazing; it left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated yet not greasy. I also love that I don't have to wait for it to dry before getting dressed which is something you have to do with a normal moisturiser, so it's perfect if your in a ruch and a little short on time. The only thing I dislike about this product is that it is limited edtion, so I'm definately going to have to see if they do any all year body conditioners as amazing as this one!

Yog Log Roulade (100g) - £5.95

I was really disappointed when I discovered that Yog Nog Bath Bomb wasn't making a return this year as I went in store last year and smelt it, and absolutely loved it! but didn't pick one up, so I was really looking forward to trying out this year but unfortunately the bath bomb didn't make a return, however, the scent has in the form of a Roulade Shower smoothie, Yog Log. The Roulade shower smoothies, from what I understand are a hybrid product combing a body wash and there shower body conditioner - you basically just tear a piece off and wash with it. It is made with Cocos Butter so I have a feeling it will be amazingly nourishing for the skin. It also has the same gorgeous caramel scent that Yog Nog had so you can still get your caramel-scented fix!

Lush have actually removed all the Christmas products off of their website, however, they are still available in store and will be popping back up online for their boxing day sale so I would recommend checking the website or social media regularly because things sell out pretty quickly as the deals they offer are amazing!  I'd suggest you snap some (or all!) of there Christmas range up before it is gone for another year as it is brilliant!

Are there any products that you want to pick up from Lush's Christmas collection still? or hoping to nab in the boxing day sale? 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Wickford & Co Christmas Candles - The Perfect Yankee Candle Dupes

Although I love burning candles all year, I especially love burning them in the winter, particularly at Christmas time as I just think that having a candle burning creates a lovely cosy and homely atmosphere which you cannot beat!

My favourite candles that I have tried are Yankee Candle's, but as I like to burn candles all the time it can work out very expensive as they are £21.99 each for a large jar, so I'm always on the hunt for brands that produce candles that can live up to Yankee - and I think I may have found a pretty good dupe  - and the best part is that they are only £2.99!

When I was in Home Bargains I came across a brand that I hadn't seen before - Wickford & Co, with an array of festive scented loveliness, and oh my, they smell delicious! They had Several different ones to choose from but I decided to only pick up my two favourites, which were "Gingerbread" and "Warm Apple & Cinnamon".

If you saw my blog post from earlier in the week on Zoella's Christmas Range (Here), then you will already know that gingerbread is my favourite festive scent! This candle is probably the best gingerbread scent that I have found - it smells exactly like you have just baked a fresh batch of Gingerbread which is amazing! Although it does make you feel kinda hungry! This one also has a really strong scent; you don't even need to burn it to make the whole room smell, you just have to take the lid off, which is pretty impressive!

The "Warm Apple & Cinnamon" candle has much more of a traditional scent and something that I would usually associate with Christmas. It smells just like a spicy apple crumble so it gives the room a lovely homely feel to the room when you're burning it! This one has a really lovely scent too when burned, although it's not quite as strong as the gingerbread one it does have better payoff than other candles that I have tried before that were more expensive, so it's definitely worth the money.

I'd recommend popping into your local Home Bargain's and try to track them down as they are amazing quality for only £2.99! It might be soo close to Christmas to find the festive scented range but they did have some regular scents as well that I would image they would sell all year round that I would definitely suggest trying! Alternatively, Wickford & Co might be available to buy online, but I haven't been to find them yet, so if you do I'd love to know as I definitely want to purchase some more in the future!

What's your favourite Christmas candle or scent?

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Lush Haul Part One - Bath Bombs

Every year I get so excited when I start to see Christmas Lush hauls appear in my blog feed and youtube subscription box as I love seeing what Festive products Lush has come up with, as they are always so beautiful! However, I had never actually brought anything before as I had always found it so hard to choose which products to buy as my wishlist was probably 90% of their Christmas Range, but this year I decided to give in and treat myself to a few bits, which then turned into a lot! (doesn't it always!) So I thought I'd share with you guys what I picked up. I have actually brought so much that I have decided to divide the haul into two parts - one on all the bath bombs I picked up; which is what I am going to share with you today and then a second post on all the bubble bars and shower bits I picked up in a that will be going up on Friday so keep your peepers peeled for that!

Can we also just appreciate how cute the bags are this year - it's pink with an adorable Butterbear on! The bags for the individual products this year are special too, the one's from the store I went to are orange with a the Christmas Penguin on (there is a better picture of it for Part 2 of this Lush Haul) although I have seen a couple of different designs online so I am guessing it depends on what the store you go to has, but to be honest there all so pretty!

Butterbear - £1.95

In my opinion, this little guy is thee cutest of all the bath bombs lush has to offer. He is made using Fairtrade cocoa butter, cocoa powder so not only does he smell delicious, the cocoa butter is super beneficial for the skin too! I have actually picked up two of these little fellas as I love the scent so much I know I just won't be able to wait until next year to pick him up again - it's also the cheapest of the Christmas products they have to offer so I don't feel quite so guilty about it! 

Star Dust - £2.95

Out of all the Christmas bath bomb's they have this one looks like the most boring, but it's probably my favorite scent out of them all. It is scented with Vanilla Absolute, Rosewood and Bergamot oil and to me has a lovely warm vanilla and a hint of marzipan to it which I absolutely love! The scent isn't overpoweringly strong either (by LUSH standards anyway!) which works really well with this scent as it is quite sweet, so it's not too sickly!  Although on the outside it looks quite plain, once put in water it looks very pretty having seen it on the lush website, so I'm very excited to give this one a go! Like Butterbear, I also picked two of these up as the scent is just heavenly!

Father Christmas - £3.75

Father Christmas is an adorable, candy floss scented and is Very sweet! The scent is also very strong too so I imagine when you pop him in the bath the whole room will smell amazing! The scent is the classic Snow Fairy scent which is a Christmas Lush Classic - and I love it! It's definitely the most traditionally festive out of the bath bombs they have this year and I'm very excited to pop this little guy in the tub on Christmas! Although just a word of warning, if you don't like strong sickly sweet scents this might not be one for you, but I would urge you to give it a sniff and see as it's too cute to just dismiss!

Lord of Misrule - £3.95

Although Lord of Misrule isn't strictly a Christmas product and is released with the Halloween range, but it does stick around until Christmas so I'm counting it! When I read the description online that it is Black Pepper Oil, Patchouli and Vanilla Absolute I was slightly skeptical as to what it would smell like as it is very different to anything I've ever gone for before as I usually go for sweet scents, but I love it! It has a lovely spicy scent with a hint of the sweet vanilla which stops the spice from being too overpowering so it has lovely warmth to it.

Shoot for the Stars - £4.25

Firstly can I just say that the smell of this reminds me of Chocolate Orange - It is scented with Brazilian Orange oil, Cocoa Butter and Bergamot oil which is probably why! Shoot for the Stars has been part of the Christmas range before but this year it looks slightly different; this year it is all blue with glittery gold bath melts which are amazing and moisturising for the skin. I also can't wait to pop it in the bath as I think it will look like a beautiful starry sky - although I'm not sure my bath will be a fan of all the glitter!

Mistletoe - £4.25

Mistltoe Bath Bomb is scented with Jasmine Absolute, Vetivert and Ylang-Ylang oil which isn't usually the kind of scents I go for as I'm not really a huge fan of floral scents, however, I actually really like it as I find that it's quite a subtle floral scent and not like a very perfumey floral fragrance - it also has a lovely sweetness to it which is lovely. The actual design of the bath bomb itself is beautiful too!

Luxury Lush Pud - £4.25

The Luxury Lush Pud is a classic! Not only does it look amazing with all the bright multi colours and the adorable piece of holly in the top but it smells amazing too! It is scented with Lavender, Tonka, and Benzion Resinoide so it would be perfect for a pre-bedtime bath as the scent is very calming and just makes be feel so relaxed whenever I smell it!

Golden Wonder - £4.25

I couldn't buy bits from Lush's Christmas range without picking up a Golden Wonder! Every video or blog post watch it appears that it is one of everyone's favourites and I can see why. It is scented with Sweet Orange oil, Cognac Oil, and Lime Oil, so although it doesn't smell traditionally festive it has a lovely fresh citrus scent. I also really like the design of this bath bomb with it being an adorable shimmer gold present - although I feel like the gold shimmer is going to be a nightmare to clean if it leaves any residue as it is soo fine so it's deffinately one to use when the bath is in need of a clean, not just after you've cleaned it! Did i forget to mention how big it is, because it's huge! So you deffinately get your moneys worth with this one as if you were to cut it you could probably get two baths out of it although I think I'll use it in one go as I don't want to ruin the effect - especially for my first time using it!

So that is all the bath bombs that I picked up from Lush and I am so excited to use them all! I'd deffinately reccomend picking up some of the Lush Christmas products before they disaper! Especially in their amazing boxing day sale that they usually have each year!

Are there any Lush Bath Bombs that I didn't pick up that you love? or any that you love just as much as me? Let me know as I'd hate to miss out on any amazing products in the future - although I think it will be a while before I need to treat myself to anymore!

(Links for each product are the Name of the product and price, so if you click on it, it will take you straight to that product!)

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Christmas Range

The Body Shop is one of the brands that I get most excited for when it comes to the release of limited edition collections, especially at Christmas time and this year they did not disappoint! They have actually released products in 3 different limited edition festive scents - "Spiced Apple", "Frosted Berries" and Vanilla Chai, which is the one I am going to be sharing my thoughts on today.

The products in the Vanilla Chai range are scented with, vanilla, cardamon and star anise, which just invokes the smell of Christmas entirely. It really reminds me of the smells you get when you're baking at Christmas so it has a lovely warm and homely spicy scent with some sweetness to it.

They have a whole aray of different products available in this gorgeous scent, but I decided to limit myself to just picking up my favourite body products that they do, because in all honesty all the products look amazing!

Firstly I picked up the Shower gel as it's always an item that I'm guarenteed to buy when I love the smell of it as it means I get the enjoyment of the scent every single day! I really like The Body Shop shower gels as all though they're are slightly more pricey at £5.00 in comparison to your regular drugstore one I find that they are much better quallity and go a hell of a lot further which means one bottle lasts a pretty long time!

When I saw that they did a Body Scrub in this scent I HAD to pick it up! I tried the one from there Pinita Colada collection in the summer and loved it! It's deffinately on the pricer side at £15.00, but I really like the texture of them as they are slightly thinner than other scrubs I have tried so you dont need to use as much as it's easier to spred across the skin. The particles are also finer, so they are gentler on the skin but still does at great job at exfoliating.

And of course, what would a Body Shop collection be without there much loved Body Butter. They are amazing and one of the best body moistriser I have tried - especially this one as it smells delicious! You also get a decent size tub for £14.00 as well!

I'd deffinately pick up some of these products before they disapear after Christmas. They'd also make some pretty amazing christmas gifts if you're still stuck what to but for someone (or as a little pre-christmas treat for yourself!) The Body Shop also has 40% off instore and online  until the 21st so now is deffinately a good time to get your hands on a few bits.

Have you tried any bits from The Body Shop Christmas Ranges? Let me know what you thought of them!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Zoella Beauty Christmas Collection - Gingerbread and Vanilla Fragrance Set & Hungry Hands Hand Cream Review

I love Christmas and I love Christmas scents, there honestly my favourite! So, I think like most beauty blog followers I was very excited when Zoe announced her Christmas range and that it was GINGERBREAD scented. I love gingerbread (so much so that almost the entirety of the decorations on my tree in my bedroom are gingerbread themed!) so this pleased me immensely!

The First product I knew I had to get my hands on was the "Hungry Hands" hand cream as like most people my hands suddenly resemble those of a reptile when winter hits and are in need some serious TLC. I usually opt for The Body Shop hand creams as I find that they do a really good job at leaving my hands feeling nourished but not greasy whilst still being pretty affordable, however after trying this one out its safe to say that I have found a new favourite. Like The Body Shop hand creams, they are super moisturising without leaving your hands greasy afterward, but I also find that "Hungry Hands" leaves my hands feeling nourished for longer and really absorbs into the skin, so  the cream is actually improving the dryness of my hands as opposed to just masking it with a layer of moisture that sits on the skin -it's also better value for money as you get 3 times the amount of product in comparison to The Body Shop hand cream for the same price (£5), so I will definitely be stocking up before it disappears after Christmas. The Scent is also lovely! Zoe did a very good job in choosing a gingerbread scent that isn't overpoweringly spicy, as although I love really strong and spicy gingerbread  I know some people can find them too overpowering, so with the addition of the vanilla it has created a scent that is still very festive but won't blow your nostrils off! So it would be perfect for anyone!

The packing has a lovely traditional feel to it with the red and gold on the brown paper background which I don't think you could make more festive if you tried!

The other item in the Christmas collection I knew I had to pick up is the "GingerBread and Vanilla Fragrance Set" which is a beautiful gift set containing a body mist and body cream. Again like the majority of the products in the Christmas range, they again share the same gorgeous gingerbread scent. I was surprised just how strong the scent actually is with the body spray  and how long it lasts once spayed, I'd say it definitely has a payoff that is closer to an Eau De Toilette than a standard body mist.

The Bottle of the Body Mist feels and looks much more luxurious than it actually is, with metal gold and raised foil writing on the bottle, and of course the super cute little gingerbread men on the reverse of the bottle,which is probably my favourite thing about the packing as I just think it a genius idea as you can see them through the bottle at the front. 

The other item in the gift set is a body cream. I have tried a couple of Zoe's body creams before and I really love them, so much so when I found out that the tutti frutti range was being discontinued I stocked up on the body cream from the range. I find them to leave my skin feeling very soft and they don't take an eternity to sink into the skin, so you can get dressed pretty much straight away after applying, and the ginger cream is no different. I also like that the fragrance of the cream is strong enough for the scent to linger on the skin but is not soo strong that it overpowers any perfume that you're wearing.

The products also come beautifully packaged in the brown box with red detailing which I think really complements the styling of the products and ties it all together nicely, which makes it a lovely gift to give someone (or just a wonderful treat for yourself!), especially as it is only £10 which is a pretty good deal as the body mists retail for £8 on their own! I honestly think any of the products from Zoella's Christmas range would make a lovely gift as they all come wonderfully packaged so they look beautiful so any beauty lover would not be disappointed!

Is there anything that you've picked up from the Zoella Beauty Christmas range that I should check out before it's gone?

The Zoella Beauty Christmas Range is available in store and online in Superdrug and online at Feel Unique until Christmas.